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Welcome to Mohit Industries

The establishment of Mohit Industries took place in year 2000 from then we are a governing industry until today. we manufacture Three Wheeler Components products of quality, which seals our specialization with a great deal of productivity. After our inception we have only one aim with us that is giving our clients what they need and fulfilling their every requirements.

We, as a successful manufacturer in the industry, we create fine quality products with affordable prices and some of our products comprises- three wheeler flange and three wheeler propeller shaft.

The above-mentioned products are our specialty, Thus we have serve them to a vast number of clients And these products are the cornerstones, on which we have built the whole foundation and became one of the leading brands in the market.

Our Company has successfully retained an unrivalled reputation all over India constantly improving and developing products to render the clients our best.

With 18 years of experience, Mohit industries has the passion to grow and this passion of ours has always helped us to excel in the market .

While Mohit, a visionary and astute leader, with almost 18 years of experience, has immense knowledge in the field and  has a goal in mind to grow by leaps and bounds, his great knowledge and suggestions gives company a great lead to grow and to achieve the leading position in the market.

We manufacture Three Wheeler Components like; three wheeler flange and three-wheeler propeller shaft with the full range, and use latest technology and fine quality material  in the production to meet all the requirements of our customers. our production units have professionals to eliminate any mistakes in the products.

Having 18 years of experience in industry, we have high business ethics and high reputation in the market we know what our customers wants from us and we always works on that.